Hello and welcome to Ellie’s Wellies Organic Gardening. We are a Nottingham-based garden maintenance company and consultancy that specialises in wildlife gardens using organic methods – better for you, for your garden and for the environment.

Gate between hedge, surrounded by flowers

Ellie’s Wellies differs from most companies by using organic products and the latest horticultural know-how to bring new vitality to gardens which will benefit both you and the environment. We specialise in gardening for (and with) wildlife, and you can find a full description of the sort of work we usually undertake on the Maintenance page. We are always happy to discuss your needs with no obligation. If you would like a little help keeping the weeds under control or a complete garden make-over, get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and our rates. We also provide a Consultancy service for those who simply need some good advice. Go to the Contact page to find our details or contact us using the form there. You can also find out more about our backgrounds and the history of the company on our Profile page.

Why organic?

Going organic does not mean letting the weeds run wild. Rather, it means a few simple changes in the way we design and manage outdoor spaces to make the most of the natural (and free) resources at our disposal. Only recently have gardeners become aware of quite how useful wildlife can be for our gardens. Our understanding of the effects of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial predators, biological controls and the recycling of organic matter will help you to spend less, do less and get more from your garden. Remember, for every problem there is an organic solution and we think organic gardens look the best too!

The Wildlife Garden Podcast

We host a podcast about all things wildlife gardening. Listen to our latest episode here:

Websites for Wildlife Gardeners

Amateur Entomologists’ Society (AES) – The gateway to entomology (amentsoc.org) Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK (arguk.org) The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (arc-trust.org) Atlas of British and Irish Flora (Biological Records Centre) Back From The Brink (naturebftb.co.uk) Badgers | Badger Wildlife Charity UK | United Kingdom (badgertrust.org.uk) Bat Conservation Trust (bats.org.uk) Bees, Wasps…

The truth about…Comfrey

Gardening isn’t difficult but its fair to say there is a lot to learn. There is more than a lifetime’s learning in fact and even if we could know everything, some of the things we used to know will turn out to be wrong. Take all the commotion about re-naming Rosemary for instance (see our…

A New Tree for a New Year

Gardening can be like staring at a sweet shop window. The cornucopia of treats makes our fingers itchy, just grown-up kids desperate for a little bit of everything from the pick-and-mix stall. Whatever the size of our gardens, we can all indulge our fancies by choosing some annuals that take our eye. From a pint-sized…


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