We specialise in wildlife gardening and provide a year-round maintenance service using organic principles to help gardens flourish naturally. The range of services below is a summary of what we do but isn’t exhaustive. To discuss rates and availability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we would love to hear from you.


  • Organic lawn care and flowering lawns
  • Planting plans and plant sourcing
  • Fruit tree and orchard pruning
  • Pruning of roses, shrubs and climbers
  • Mulching and feeding
  • Hedge trimming, planting and laying
  • Applying biological controls (e.g. nematodes)

Wildlife gardening

  • Creating wildlife habitats
  • Sowing and maintaining wildflower meadows
  • Building wildlife ponds
  • Planting native borders
  • Building composting systems
  • Installing bird and bat boxes, beetle banks and bug hotels


Do you take on one-off jobs or garden clearance? No.

How do you charge? We charge hourly for all maintenance and don’t take on contracted works. Gardens vary in how much maintenance is needed with the season, weather and daylight hours, so we adapt to your garden throughout the year. Please contact us to find out our rates.

Do you take waste? We don’t take waste away. Generally, we rely on setting up a compost system and using council green waste bins for non-compostable materials. Woody waste can be shredded and autumn leaves collected to produce leaf mould where possible. We can bring in a skip for large amounts of waste.

Are you landscapers or designers? We provide a maintenance and consultancy service, within which we can produce planting schemes suitable for your garden. However, we don’t take on hard landscaping work or produce detailed specifications and CAD based designs. To find a quality landscaper search the Association of Professional Landscapers and British Association of Landscape Industries websites. Professional garden designers can be found at the Society of Garden Designers.

Are you qualified gardeners? Yes, both Ellie and Ben are qualified horticulturists and members of The Gardeners Guild. More information can be found on the Profile page.