Garden pests and Celandine

This week we talk about our top three things to keep in mind when dealing with garden pests in a way that doesn’t damage wildlife, and discuss one of our favourite gardening books by Kate Bradbury. We also take a look at the glorious, glistening Celandine that could be flowering in your garden right now!

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Garden Pests

Plant pests: research and advice from the RHS entomology team / RHS Gardening

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Box tree caterpillar / RHS Gardening

Pests and diseases |

Wildlife Gardening for Everyone and Everything

ISBN 9781472956057

Wildlife Gardening: For Everyone and Everything from Summerfield Books

Wildlife Gardening: For Everyone and Everything | NHBS Good Reads

Wildlife Gardening: For Everyone and Everything (The Wildlife Trusts) Kate Bradbury: Bloomsbury Wildlife

Common red soldier beetle | The Wildlife Trusts

Rhagonycha fulva | uk beetles

Flame Brocade Trigonophora flammea – UKMoths

Lasioglossum calceatum (Scopoli,1763) | BWARS

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Lesser Celandine

Lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) (

Plantlife :: When does Lesser Celandine flower? Tradition says its today!

Ranunculus ficaria | Online Atlas of the British and Irish Flora (

Oxford University Plants 400: Ficaria verna

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Ranunculus Ficaria L. (Ficaria verna Huds.; F. Ranunculoides Moench) on JSTOR

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Ficaria verna ‘Orange Sorbet’ (d) | lesser celandine ‘Orange Sorbet’/RHS Gardening

Ficaria verna ‘Brazen Hussy’ | lesser celandine ‘Brazen Hussy’/RHS Gardening

Ficaria verna ‘Randall’s White’ | lesser celandine ‘Randall’s White’/RHS Gardening

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